Main Congress Programme Day 2

Please note that the programme may be subject to changes.

0800 - 0900 Free Paper/Poster Session
(Conference Hall B & Concourse)
Coffee, Tea and Networking
Tradeshow | Poster | Video
0900 - 1000

Dilemma Video Fest
(Conference Hall A)

  • Challenging Scenarios in Cataract Surgery
Imaging Workshop
(Conference Hall B)
1000 - 1030 Tea Break
1030 - 1130

Cataract Dilemmas

(Conference Hall A)

  •  Refractive Surprise: How To Handle It Like An Expert?
  • This Is How I Deal With It
  • That Sinking Feeling - Managing Subluxed IOL

Featured Speakers:
Prof Chee Soon Phaik, Prof Simon Holland, Dr Ronald Yeoh and Dr Fam Han Bor

Nursing Symposium
(Conference Hall B)

  • IVT Injections: Does It Matter If It Is A Nurse or Doctor

Featured Speakers:
SSN Chow Peck Foong and Dr Rajesh Rajagopalan

1130 - 1200  
1200 - 1315

Santen Lunch Symposium:
The Future of Glaucoma Treatment - Is It Promising?
(Conference Hall A) *

  • POAG vs NTG
  • Is preservative-free the future for glaucoma treatment? MIGS: in focus

Featured Speakers: 

Dr Lim Boon Ang, A/P Shamira Perera and Asst Prof Chelvin Sng

Allergan Workshop
(Garnet 212)
1315 - 1345

Plenary Lecture 2

(Conference Hall A)
When The Eyes Wiggle And Jump

Featured Speaker: Prof David Zee

1345 - 1530 Neuro-Ophthalmology Dilemmas
(Conference Hall A)

  • Isolated Cranial Nerve Palsies: To scan all patients or not to scan?
  • Ocular Myasthenia: Immunosuppression or otherwise?
  • Tackling Dilemmas in Managing Atypical Optic Neuritis

Featured Speakers:
Prof Graham Holder and Dr Carmen Chan

Uveitis Dilemmas
(Conference Hall B)

  • Uveitis: Infectious or Non-Infectious?
  • Murky Signs And Results - What Should We Do?
  • Should I Start Immunosuppressives Or Not?



Featured Speakers:
Prof Quan Dong Nguyen and Prof Amod Gupta

1530 - 1600 Tea Break
1600 - 1745

Oculoplastics Dilemmas
(Conference Hall B)

  • Surgical Ptosis Correction: Is Posterior Approach Better Than Anterior Approach?
  • Is Endoscopic Dacryocystorhinostomy Better Than External Dacryocystorhinostomy?
  • Orbital Decompression: Is Endoscopic Approach Superior To Open Approach?

Featured Speakers:
Prof Ye Juan and A/Prof Hunter Yuen 

Paediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus Dilemmas
(Conference Hall A)

  • Prominent Discs in a Child - To Scan or Not?
  • Acute Onset Comitant Esotropia in a Child - To Scan or Not?
  • Myopia Still Progressing Rapidly on Atropine 0.01% - To Increase Dose or Not?

Featured Speakers:
Asst. Prof Jason Yam, Dr Audrey Chia, Dr Leo Seo Wei and Adj A/P Quah Boon Long