Main Congress Programme Day 1

Please note that the programme may be subject to changes.

0800 - 0900 Coffee, Tea and Networking
Tradeshow | Poster | Video
0900 - 0930 Opening Ceremony
(Conference Hall A)
0930 - 1030

The Victor Yong Lecture
(Conference Hall A)

Advances in our Understanding of the Choriocapillaris: Clarifying Important Dilemmas
Featured Speaker: Prof SriniVas Sadda 

Plenary Lecture 1

(Conference Hall A)

Ocular Surface Reconstruction - The Challenge
Featured Speaker: Dr Srinivas Rao

1030 - 1100 Tea Break
1100 - 1200

Cornea and Refractive Surgery Dilemmas

(Conference Hall A)

  • DSAEK or DMEK?
  • PRK vs LASIK vs SMILE?

Featured Speakers: 

Prof Simon Holland and Dr Srinivas Rao

1200 - 1315

Allergan Lunch Symposium:
Life is not a Clinical Trial

(Conference Hall A) *

  • Treating DME in Real World: How can the Data Guide Us?
  • Real World Clinical Challenges in DME: Treatment for Optimal Outcomes

Featured Speakers:
Dr. Jay Chhablani and Dr. Wong Jun Shyan

Novartis Workshop:
PDT Workshop *
Conference Hall B)

  • Learn from the experts on Performing PDT
1315 - 1515

Vitreo-Retinal Dilemmas
(Conference Hall A)

  • Dilemmas in the Case of Wet AMD/PCV
  • Dilemmas in Management of Submacular Hemorrhage

Featured Speakers:

Dr Srinivas Sadda, Prof Giovanni Staurenghi and A/Prof I-van Ho

Optometry Symposium
(Conference Hall B)

  • Update on Primary Eye Care models
  • Presbyopia: Monovision or Progressive spectacles?

Featured Speakers:

Ms Chua Yee Leen, Dr Vernon Yong, Ms Siow Ka-Lin and Dr Martin Kwan

1515 - 1545 Tea Break
1545 - 1745

Glaucoma Dilemmas
(Conference Hall A)

  • Laser Peripheral iridotomy vs cataract surgery in CACG
  • Phaco-Trab vs Phaco-MIGS for POAG?
  • Monitoring Glaucoma: HVF vs OCT vs HRT vs Disc Photo

Featured Speakers: 

A/P Syril K Dorairaj, Prof Aung Tin, A/P Wong Hon Tym, A/P Tina Wong and Asst Prof Chelvin Sng

Optometry Symposium (continued)
(Conference Hall B)

  • Unilateral cataract: Target Emmetropia or Low Myopia?
  • Rapid increase in myopia: Orthokeratology or Atropine?

Featured Speakers:

Ms Jacquelin Liew, Dr Don Pek, Dr Narayanan Rajeev and Dr Leo Seo Wei

* Lunch will be provided for the Lunch-Time Symposium and Workshop. 

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